Summer is finally here and we have a few updates that we would like to share with everyone. As you may have seen on our social media and store, we have released dates for two Gunslinger matches in 2021. We are proud to partner with the teams at 7 Foxtrot and The Sawmill to bring the Frio County Shootout and the Laurens County Shootout. 

These are one day shooting experiences built for entry level and novice shooters. We wanted to create a venue where entry level competitors can enjoy a day with friends and family on the range while celebrating their 2 amendment pride in a fun and experiential way. 

The Gunslinger matches are a one day, ten stage event. Shooters will compete for best time on each stage, all targets must be hit for score. It is a “run what you brung” model, no round count! Shoot as much as you can carry. At each stage, the competitor will have the opportunity to win $250.00 for fastest time with the potential of earning $2500.00 if the competitor wins all 10 stages. In addition, there are additional prizes for Fastest Female Competitor and Fastest Youth Competitor, $500.00 cash for each category. 

At the conclusion of the event stay for live entertainment and food provided by Grunt Style as well as other vendors that will be joining us for an evening of entertainment, fun for the entire family. Alcohol will be available the moment the range goes cold. 

In other news, we have been tirelessly filming for MSCTV that will be aired through our partners at Gladiator Sports Network. The team is in post production and we are targeting a July release of the toughest sniper competition on the planet. More to come. 

Stay connected to the G3 Dynamics social media pages and store for more information. Register now for the multigun experience known as Gunslinger at


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