G3: Matches

Mammoth Sniper Challenge

Style: Long Range

When: January 4-6 2019

Mammoth Sniper Challenge is the premier long range endurance challenge in the country. This competition attracts the world's best shooters to compete in a team environment testing their mind, body, and spirit over three days in some of the most adverse conditions possible. Do you have what it takes to compete?

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Thank you Competitors for your interest in the 2019 Mammoth Sniper Challenge. Your Pre Order registration will allow you early entry and a guaranteed registration spot. The $100.00 deposit will be used towards your full team registration fee. Our team has been working hard since the conclusion of the previous match and we are looking forward to making the 2019 event something never before seen. Competition dates are scheduled for January 4th through the 6th, with competitor check-in on the Thursday January 3rd. Additional information will be provided shortly on the check in dates and match details.

We will continue the tradition of the Three Divisions that have existed in Mammoth ( Tough-man, Regular, Open). We are continuing to stay with the caliber selections for the primary and secondary shooters. Primary Shooters can use rifles in .223 up to 300 Winchester Magnum ( for Mil/LEO issued the caliber). Secondary shooters weapons will be .223 or .308. We will also be adding a new component to this years events and that will be the inclusion of pistol stages. This year we will be having each competitor complete a background check form as part of their entry into the Mammoth Sniper Challenge and property. This is a very simple security check and you have gone through more of a screening when buying a cell phone or the fine weapons you all own. This is just a requirement by the property owner(s), and we believe everyone will understand.

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