Gunslinger Rules

Format for the Gunslinger Shooting Experience

1) Shooters are required to use (1) centerfire handgun and (1) centerfire semi auto rifle. Caliber is open. Optics, magazine size and shooting aids/gear are open. Farthest rifle target engagement will be 500 yards.

2) All 10 stages will be hot from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Shooters may shoot stages in any order and may return to re-shoot any stage at any time. There will be two lines formed at each stage and first time stage shooters will be given opportunity to shoot before returning shooters.

3) Stage briefs including target descriptions, distances, engagement order and shooting positions will be emailed to competitors before the event. Every stage has a 2:00 minute max time.

4) Shooters will arrive at a stage with empty chambers, chamber flags in and magazines out. After moving into the starting position they will be instructed to remove chamber flags and insert magazines. Chambers will remain empty. Shooters will be required to charge firearms on the clock.

5) Starting position will be pistol holstered and rifle staged or secured via sling, scabbard or pack.

6) At buzzer shooter will draw, charge pistol and engage pistol targets until all requirements of stage brief are met. When complete, shooter will remove magazine, clear chamber and abandon pistol in bucket.

7) After abandoning safe pistol in bucket, shooter will move to rifle position, charge rifle and engage rifle targets until all requirements of stage brief are met. Time stops when the ring of the final target is recorded by the Range Officer. On completion Safety Officer will ask shooter to remove magazine, show clear chamber and
insert chamber flag into the chamber. Safety Officer will then supervise shooter while recovering their pistol.

8) Each stage will display the Stage Brief and Current Fast Time To Beat (Including Youth and Lady).

9) Unsafe firearm practices including failure to clear pistol before abandoning, violation of the 180o rule, sweeping of other competitors or staff, failure to use chamber flags, etc ... will be addressed by the Match Director and may result in a warning or exclusion from the remaining shooting portion of the event.

10) Cash prizes will be awarded to the Fastest Time to complete each stage. Additional prizes will be awarded for Fastest Youth and Fastest Lady. Each competitor will also receive a ticket for a raffle of random prizes.